"Commissioning arises from the creative recognition that the perfect solution does not yet exist."           John Makepeace.

Commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture, allows you the creative freedom to engage in the the design process from conception to completion, to ensure the furniture you have identified you need, is perfectly suited to the space you have. Commissioning usually has a few stages, which ensure you get exactly what it is you are looking for. 

1. Meet.

Initially we will arrange a short meeting at your home, or wherever the work is intended for.  This is important to make sure we fully understand the dimensions and aesthetics of the space, and to gain a full understanding of your budget and expectations for the work, so we can achieve the best possible outcome from the design process.

2. Design.

This part of the process involves developing drawings & scale models until a solution is found that fulfils your specifications and is within your budget. The designs are are then signed off, and the making process will begin once an agreed percentage of total costs is received as a deposit.

3. Make.

Upon receipt of the agreed deposit, we will then buy in materials and start the journey of making your piece.  Clients are always welcome to visit the workshop to follow the progress of their commission when it starts to take shape.  This ensures you are satisfied with your product, and will enable any last minute decisions to be made.  We are happy to discuss possible projects, and costs without obligation. so please get in touch via the contact page.